Church Community Builder vs Key Believers
Key Believers is an advanced easy-to-use Church Community Builder Alternative. If you have been a Church Community Builder customer you know that you need an IT person to manage it. With Key Believers Church Management we have designed our system to not need this type of personnel, we keep it easy-to-use but powerful.  We provide free training and everything is included for a single fee of $99.00 per month. The only extra charge you will incur is if you go over the text messaging limit of five hundred text messages per month.  We charge one cent per text message after that. We also provide free support with no contracts. We would love to make this decision as easy as possible, so we've put together some information comparing Key Believers with Church Community Builder below:
Church Management Software Comparison,
Cloud Based
Price (Monthly)
Child Check-In
Attendance Tracking
Donation Management
Group Management
Membership Management
Pledge Management
Volunteer Management
Automated Volunteer Scheduling
Handles Mega Church Memberships Over 10,000+ members
Online Giving
Will Customize to Better Suit Your Church
Custom Reporting Upon Request
Support Included
Free Training Included
Supports Ultra HD 4K Monitors
Operating System
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Multi-Campus Management
Key Believers
Church Community Builder
Windows & Mac
Windows & Mac
Key Believers LLC